“Through taking only 2 months of classes, 2 days a week, our athletes gained strength, speed and agility in exceptional quantities. Josh and his staff prepared them for the tough physical demands of high school basketball. I would recommend him to any of my coaching colleagues.” thanks again Josh and I’d like to work with you again in the spring.

Mike Young
Great Oak High School
Varsity Boys Basketball Coach


Your program is just what we needed. I love the change up in the routine and the level at which you push the boys. Your and francisco’s attitude are outstanding. I feel that you are committed to helping young athletes. My guys love the workouts. I feel it has pushed the young guys along at a faster pace to be high school athletes and better young men.

The in season training is a must!

Steve Tarabilda
Murrieta Valley High School
Varsity Basketball Coach


Torque’s involvement with great oak volleyball increased our varsity volleyball player’s endurance, lower leg strength and overall core fitness in just eight short weeks of training. Josh’s hands on approach and extreme motivation encourage every athlete to realize their fitness potential. In a world where public high school’s can barely fit two teams in the weight room at one time, torque is the perfect choice for taking a varsity team to the next level.

Aimee Ricken
Varsity Volleyball Coach At Great Oak High School
(Former Division One Athlete And Coach At The University Of Michigan)


Torque sports performance is the perfect answer for schools or sports teams looking to take their performance to the next level! Torque trains all of the sports teams for our high school to advance them in speed, power, agility, reaction, quickness, strength and endurance! With their state of the art, pro-caliber training equipment, they are the obvious choice for elite level training! Along with the training programs, they provide coaching that instills hard work, discipline and sportsmanship to all of our athletes.

I highly recommend torque training to any coach or athletic director i highly recommend torque training to any coach or athletic director looking to improve their teams overall athleticism!

Eric Olson
Crean Lutheran South High School
Athletic Director