P4l Fitness offers the highest quality of personal training private services in the Temecula valley!


If you’re looking to lose weight, inches, improve strength, increase your metabolism, improve your nutrition or just improve your overall health, our team of enthusiastic trainers provide clients with the right programs to help each individual attain his/her personal goal.

All of your training sessions will be fun, dynamic and results-driven. We combine resistance training, cardiovascular training, plyometrics, core strength, stability training and flexibility training into your workouts. Unlike the style of what your current workout routine may be, you will never get bored with this style of fitness training.

Our Private Training programs are customized specifically to each clients needs and include the following:

  1. InBody full body analysis
  2. MyZone workout/heart rate monitoring
  3. Fitness and movement evaluations
  4. Nutrition coaching
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Free Consultation

We are happy to provide you with one free training session prior to starting your personal training program. We want to know what your personal needs, wants and goals are before we start down the fitness journey together. With this in mind, we’ll be able to connect you with the best trainer for your needs as well as design a program that will provide you with the best possible results that will last forever!This session allows us to:

  1. Answer Any Possible Questions
  2. Select The Program That Is Right For You
  3. Fitness Assessment (Body Fat, Measurements, Resting Metabolic Rate)
  4. Functional Movement Screening
  5. Scheduling Of Future Sessions

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

With every personal training program you will receive nutrition consulting and guidance. Nutrition is the key to seeing real results. Most people struggle with and find difficulty in the area of nutrition. They go to the gym, have an awesome workout, and then don’t know how to properly fuel their body towards reaching their goals. Find out why you are eating (the mental and emotional side to food) and what effect certain foods have on your body.

To take advantage of your free training consultation, call 951.308.4522 or email us today!