P4L Fitness Newsletter – Thursday, August, 5th 2016

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Only 6 Days Left To Sign Up!


August 13th, 2016

Fit Comp hosted by P4L Fitness!

P4L Fitness clients…..I challenge you….I encourage you…get outside your comfort zone! Try something new! Push yourself! Challenge your mind and body! And most importantly, Have fun!

Every dollar raised will go to help victims of local child trafficking!

Be a sponsor, compete, volunteer or spectate….just make sure in some way you are a part of this awesome cause and amazing day! It will not be something you want to miss!


Join us Saturday August 27th for a FUN P4L Fitness Group workout! 

The Details:

Where: Carlsbad Lagoon CLICK HERE FOR MAP and DIRECTIONS

When: 8:45AM on August 27th (takes 45-55 mins to get there with no traffic)

Cost: $25 (this gets you a paddle board for 2 hours plus our awesome and fun 45 minute workout!). We will likely be done with our workout around 10AM. You can stay around longer and hang out, or take off.

The workout: A combination of core work, body weight moves and paddleboarding. We will do some body weight work in the sand on shore, then get on paddle boards and paddle out to a specific distance!

Reserve Your Spot: We prepaid to get a group rate and only have about 25 spots available for sale, so call or email us to make sure you get yours!  Office phone: 951.308.4522

Can’t paddle board or never done it before? That is totally fine! Stand up, sit on knees, or completely sit down on board….ANYONE can do this! Totally take it at your own pace and have fun with this! Get outside your comfort zone and join the P4L Fitness Tribe and let’s push our minds and bodies! Let your guard down and be willing to try something new! This will be a blast and will challenge our bodies in new/fun ways! Trust us….you won’t want to miss this!

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