2 Common Gym Mistakes…Plus a Ton Coming Up this Summer!


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NEW Athlete Training Program:

Contact Chris Davis to make sure you get a spot!
email: cdavis@p4lfitness.com

Calling ALL KIDS!
Ages 6-11
Days and times have changed! Same fun workouts to keep your kids healthy, engaged & having a blast! Make their health and fitness a priority now at a young age!

Click HERE for all the details!

Space is limited! Call or email us today to reserve your spot!

Vertical & SAQ Camp!

New Sports Training Camp designed to improve Vertical leap as well as speed, agility and quickness for your sport! If you are looking to take your overall performance to the next level and improve your conditioning and endurance then this is for you! We will work specifically to improve: Vertical leap, first step quickness, linear speed, hip and lower body power, core strength, balance/stability, endurance and mental toughness!


July 11th – August 4th
TIME: 4:00PM – 5:00PM
Mondays & Wednesdays – 11-14 year olds @ 4:00-5:00PM
Tuesdays and Thursdays – 15 and older @ 4:00-5:00PM
$120 for camp (50% OFF for sibling)
Space will be limited in each time slot! Make sure you enroll your child up ASAP to ensure they get a spot!


OFF-SITE Saturday Workouts Coming Up!

Pool Workout July 2nd @ Adam’s Apartment complex pool!
(8AM and will take place of the 8AM group workout at the gym)

Location: Oak Springs Ranch : 24055 Clinton Keith Road Wildomar CA

What to Expect: A fun/action packed/unique workout! It’s fun to try new workouts and change things up! Step outside your comfort zone and give it a shot! Take it completely at your own pace! If you are a terrible swimmer, that’s fine, if you are amazing, that’s great! We will do a good mixture of swimming/water exercises as well as out of the water body weight exercises for people at all levels!

Cost: $15 drop-in

What to wear: swimsuit or workout gear you are okay getting wet in! Something you are comfortable working out in!

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FREE Park Workout!
-July 30th @ 8AM

(this means we will NOT have our normal Saturday workout at P4L Fitness….join us for some outdoor fitness!)

We will meet at the same place as last time! Bring friends and family to this fun/free workout outside! Change is fun and getting outside for a workout can be surprisingly challenging!

Location: Harveston Park (next to the soccer fields…you can see it from Ynez Road).

Save the DATE!

August 13th, 2016
Fit Comp hosted by P4L Fitness!

Every dollar raised will go to help victims of local child trafficing!
Be a sponsor, compete, volunteer or spectate….just make sure in some way you are a part of this awesome cause and amazing day! It will not be something you want to miss!

More details to come in the next week!

2 Common Gym Mindset Mistakes:

You may not even realize it, but you walk under this sign every time you enter P4L Fitness. Every day it challenges you and is posted as a reminder for you to……give your best effort once you step inside, to seize the moment and focus on putting excuses aside and crushing your workout so you can reap the full rewards and benefits of the opportunity you have!

Here are 3 Common gym mindset mistakes that us trainers here at P4L see most commonly in our clients. These are all so basic, yet if worked on and improved, can send your results through the roof!

1. “I’ll get back going again on Monday:” This is the typical weekend trap that most people get in. They work hard Monday – Thursday (hitting the gym and eat pretty clean throughout the week) only to throw it all down the drain Friday – Sunday. Social gatherings, weekend trips, birthdays and everything else takes priority and bumps your exercise and eating efforts out of the way. Gain 3lbs, lose 3lbs, gain 3lbs, lose 3lbs…..and so on and so on. Sound like you?

Solution: Strive for 3 things each weekend: Consistency, Activity and a Plan. Stay consistent with your normal routine! If you are eating healthy and doing well don’t completely break stride on the weekends. Decide that you can and will be active during the weekend! Even if it’s not a workout in the gym, you can still go for a hike, head to the beach, ride bikes, paddle board or do anything else that keeps your body moving and burning some calories! Actividy can be fun! Finally, make a plan. Everyone has events, parties and other things pulling them towards making unhealthy eating decisions. Most of the time you know ahead of time what’s coming up. Plan your meals out. Eat before you go. Have a drink maximum goal that you will not exceed! Set your weekends up for success! It’s time they were a part of your weekly progress instead of the “3 day Hurdle” that always puts back on the 2lbs you lost from the week before!

2. Focusing on the long-term goal too much: We definitely want clients to have a healthy and realistic mindset regarding a safe and appropriate way to lose weight. But, many people with a significant amount of weight to lose (50+ lbs) tend to think of how long it will take them to achieve this. They understand it will take months if not years to get this weight off and sometimes focusing on that too often can be defeating.

Solution: WTD. (Win the DAY). Focus on winning one day at a time. The past is history, and the future is yet to be determined. Set youreslf up for success and win each day one at a time. Exercise today. Eat healthy today. Get your mind right today. Get to bed on time today. String this together and you’ll have 45 days under your belt and you will look back and realize your down 18lbs! Stop worrying about the big end results. Stop stressing about the 100lbs you have to lose. Focus on this week. Focus on these next 2lbs. Focus on “Mastering the Present” and you will be successful!

Small changes make a huge difference. Remember…it’s about progress not perfection! Make small habits like being active every day a priority. Eat breakfast every morning. Your weekends should be in moderation. Focus on winning the day and take it one moment at a time! Win enough days, and 6 months down the road your body and mind will be totally transformed!

Continue to make your health and fitness a priority this summer! Be intentional about your workouts and healthy eating! You are a priority!

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