EOC (Endurance Obstacle Course)

You don’t have to be a “SPARTAN” to do this!

Join us for some fun, challenging, unique, outdoor, obstacle course style workouts! It’s fun to just CHANGE THINGS UP!


  • To get us out of our comfort zones and implement unique/different training styles.
  • To get outside on trails with our training and change things up.
  • To work with different GEAR (ropes, walls, traverse wall, tires, bucket carries, spear throws monkey bars, Jacob’s ladder and more!).
  • To prepare for a spartan race, or just change up the normal gym routine and have fun!

Spartan Prep Program Starting Soon!

5 Sessions designed to prepare you for the SoCal Big Bear Beast/Sprint Spartan Races on October 28th 2017! We are only taking 6-12 people for this program as we need it to be a smaller group on the trails!


9/23, 9/30, 10/7, 10/14 and 10/21
Saturday’s 9:30AM – 11:30AM

The workouts:

  • 2 Sessions will be held at P4L Fitness (doing ropes, sleds, walls, traverse, spears, tires, monkey bars and more!
  • 3 sessions will be held at different trails so that we can put in the mileage to get ready for the rough dirt/off road terain! We will likely be attacking some of these trails:
  • Santa Margarita River Trail
  • Goliath (plus trail behind P4L)
  • Dripping Springs
  • Santa Rosa Plateua (or the challenging Calle Cipres off of Calle Del Oso Oro).

Investment: $59 for ALL 5 Sessions OR $15 per drop-in workout

New Program Coming Soon

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DISCLAIMER** This program is not for everyone. This is NOT an easy program. If you can not jog a minimum of 1 mile consistently, then this program is not for you. Rope climbs, wall climbs and monkey bars will ONLY be introduced to you if/when you are strong enough to carry/hold/pull your total body weight up. We highly recommend you bring a partner/friend to attend this program with you (as we will be on trails and everyone runs at different speeds…which means the instructor is likely in the front leading the group in the right dirction on the trails). This program is for any ability level, but is specifically for motivated individuals looking to attack the obstacle race and excel at their best personal level!

Contact us ASAP to reserve your spot!