Hikes, park workouts and beach workout dates 

P4L Group Hike on September 9th @ 8:15AM. Meet at P4L Fitness at 8AM to drive over, or meet at the visitor center at the Santa Rosa Plateau @ 8:15AM. Hike is 100% at your own pace! Anyone and everyone is invited! Bring friends and family for a fun morning on the trails! Will likely be around 3 miles.

The P4L TRI is a great way to challenge yourself while participating in an event that will donate 100% of it’s proceeds to a worthy cause! We designed this so that anyone and everyone can attend and participate! 3 exercises that we all know: row, assault bike and run. Should take between 30 – 60 minutes to finish. Put it on your calendars and set it up as a personal goal!
When: Friday September 29th @ P4L Fitness
For Who: Anyone and Everyone (P4L members & non-P4L members)
Arrive: @ 5:30PM to check in and warm up / stretch. We will begin at 6:00PM sharp!
Competitive (Full TRI): $39 (chance to win $$ and prizes – 1st, 2nd & 3rd male and female)
Non-Competitive: $29 (can choose to participate in 1/2 or Full).


2,000m row
2.5 mi assault bike
3 mile run
1/2 TRI
1,000 row
1.5 mile assault bike

1.5 mile run

1- 6:00 PM
2- 6:12 PM
3- 6:24 PM
4- 6:36 PM
5- 6:48 PM
6- 7:00 PM
7- 7:12 PM